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Hedge Cutting and Pruning - Warrington, Cheshire

Hedge Cutting, pruning & maintenance.

  • Garden hedges

  • Hedge shaping

  • Hedge planting

  • Hedge trimming

We provide hedge cutting services to both the home owner and commercial clients.

We can undertake the cutting of any size of hedge and we remove all waste material as part of the task. Due to the sizeable variety of hedge species, it is essential to appreciate how hedges should be maintained at particular points throughout the year to promote healthy re-growth.

Well established hedges require regular trimming to keep them dense and compact. Evergreen hedges such as yew and holly – continue to grow all throughout the winter months, therefore the growth of new, tender shoots in mild weather can be vulnerable to damage by abrupt frosts. On the other hand, deciduous hedges such as hornbeam, hawthorn and field maple may be cut at any time of the year but it is harmful practice to trim any hedge species between the months of March and July.

We can arrange also provide regular agreed return dates as part of a maintenance schedule.

Hedge Cutting, Hedge Pruning - Warrington, Cheshire Hedge Cutting, Hedge Pruning – Warrington, Cheshire


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