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Tree Planting Warrington - Hedge Planting

Planting for hedges, trees and other plants…

Kenyon Cutters expert tree surgeons can plant trees & hedges of all sizes and specifications.

  • Tree Planting: Careful consideration needs to be taken before planting a tree. Inexperienced and DIY tree planting can be disappointing and costly particularly when you wish to plant mature trees. You also need to consider where you locate your trees when plating to avoid underground cables and services.
  • Kenyon Cutters will help you make the right choices when deciding which type & size of tree to plant, from sourcing the best specimens, planting the tree to your specifications and also advice on tree aftercare and maintenance.
  • Our team can also undertake hedge planting to suit any requirements.

Tree Planting & Hedge Planting, Warrington
Tree Planting & Hedge Planting, Warrington

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